The association of water treatment is an association aimed at putting all water treatments professionals across the country together with the aim of having a water professionals and water treatment professionals to help discuss and solve water problems in the country, domestically, commercially or municipally.

The chairman of the association is an expert in the water industry. He is in the person of Dr. Gyau Boakye, former director for  two renowned water institutions (community water and sanitation agency &  Water Research Institute.)

The association will be the voice of water engineers in Ghana.

The association members will be available for small water producing companies, manufacturing companies and non governmental organizations to help or assist them meet their water treatment technical issues or demand.


» Individuals who have knowledge in water treatment.

» Trainees that undergo our treatment program will automatically be members of    the association.

» Experts in the water industry of Ghana who work with government institutes, agencies and organizations can also

join the association of water treatment professionals.


» All members will be opportune to work with the organizations in the water industry that require the services of water experts due to their broaden scope/ in-depth knowledge in water treatment through programs and events.

»Members of the association will periodically meet to share ideas, techniques and knowledge to upgrade themselves towards the emerging of the new water technologies in the world water industry.

»Members of the association will on request have the opportunities to visit water facilities with technologies that are common in the Ghana water industry for their upgrades.

» For registration to become a water treatment professional fill and submit form online. We will contact you within 24hours.


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