Kpando came alive with the completion of the water expansion project. 

On Monday the 17th of October, 2016 the people of Kpando in the Volta Region witnessed an inauguration of a newly completed water supply expansion project.

The original water system was based on underground systems using boreholes and its maximum production capacity was 130,000 gallons a day which was unable to meet the current demands. 

However, the new system, which will pump 1.5 million gallons a day, draws water from the Volta Lake at Tokor to the treatment plant at Kpando. The project's life span extends to 2025. It was built at the cost of about $13 million and will serve Kpando,  Sovie,  Anfoega,  Nkonya Ahenkro, and other surrounding communities. To ensure effective distribution of the volume of water a day, 110 km of pipe lines has been laid to various communities while 50 stand pipes has been constructed. The Ghana Water Company is managing the project.

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