Every year, the demand for quality water is  seriously increasing. As the population of the country is growing,  pollution and urbanization is reducing or affecting access to portable water. Therefore, water technologies or engineers are on a high demand.
» Studies shows that, there are just a few institutions in this country that trains people to become water treatment professionals.

»Many water treatment companies operates their water treatment equipment without knowledgeable staffs who can monitor, troubleshoot and solve problems with these systems leading to the production and usage of low standards of portable water.

» Everyday, more and more companies turn to water treatment to meet their manufacturing and drinking needs. The future is bright for companies that plan for the emerging changes in the water industry and especially brighter for trained water treatment individuals with the knowledge, skill and the ability to be of great service to meet the immense challenges and opportunities of the water industry.

This training is highly practical and will reveal techniques and skills to handle many water treatment problems. The skills acquired during our training program can be used on the field of service immediately after the program.

Our United States of America based instructors have been providing training on high-tech water treatment technologies and have trained over 21,000 water treatment professionals worldwide since 1998 and knows how to impact the knowledge in even someone who does not have a water background.

» TOVILA WATER SOLUTIONS in collaborations with its partners from the United States of America offers practical training on water treatment with focus on reverse osmosis water treatment systems.


» Individuals who want to have water treatment as a career.

» Water treatment companies or water producing companies.

» Water treatment operators and engineers, water treatment dealers and suppliers.


To become one of the few certified water treatment professionals in Ghana.

» The future is very bright for certified water treatment professionals.

» You will be introduced to modernize and effective ways to handle reverse osmosis water treatment systems.

» To be able to reduce cost of operating and maintaining reverse of osmosis systems.

»A vast job opportunity awaits you after completion.


There are two main benefits which are:

INDIVIDUAL BENEFITS: The individual benefits are as follows:

a. Individuals who want to develop a career around it will have an international certificate, recognized any where in the world.

b. Individuals who have acquired some knowledge in water can advance their career in their practical water treatment training.

c. Vast employment opportunities in the water treatment industry awaits our trainees.

d. Individuals can start their own water treatment consultancy firm.

e. Opportunity for internship with Tovila Water Solutions and other well known water treatment solutions in Ghana.

f. Dealers and technicians will know when an arrow system is developing a fault, cause when to clean their membranes and how  to adjust valves from optimum operation of reverse osmosis systems.

g. Dealers and technicians will be confident and build a long lasting relationship with their customers because the systems are work effectively.

h. Organizations who have certified water technologists will reduce maintenance, less frequent part replacement and increased in the overall system efficiency.

i. Organization who have certified water technologist will reduce the operational DOWNTIME of their organizations or company.

j. They will have advanced methodologies and mechanisms to help increase the market shares in the country and beyond.


The information, tips and techniques provided in these training are practical and immediately user-able to improve the performance of your customers systems.

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