Customized water treatment systems are increasingly in high demand. Businesses have a need for quality and safe water and want a water treatment system that will meet their exact needs efficiently.

At Tovila Water Solutions, we don’t just sell water treatment equipment; we provide complete and customized water treatment solutions that is planned, designed and executed to meet your exact water quality and purity specifications.

Our experienced engineers will listen to your concerns, evaluate your water treatment needs and recommend the best innovative technology. Our water treatment experts can also advise you in acquiring the right capacity to reduce overall operational cost and many water filtration and purification possibilities like water softening, reverse osmosis, iron treatment, deionization, media filtration, de-alkalization, disinfection, and more.

We have a wide range of water treatment solutions available to meet all your water treatment demands.

Our reverse osmosis systems are sold as solutions rather than systems with the guide of your raw water analysis report and your exact water needs to ensure that, your system is always working under less pressure.

We are in stock of various filters for different filtration processes to remove iron, manganese, sediments of all sizes, suspended solids and many other contaminants in water. Most of our filtration systems have a long lifespan to reduce recurring cost of the filtration parts.

We have designed and implemented tailor-made water treatment solutions for many residences, hospitals, churches, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, manufacturers, luxury resorts, just to name a few.

Contact any of our offices today and we will tell you how a water treatment system from Tovila can provide you with a modernized water purity solution. Even the toughest contamination challenges can be resolved with one of our custom, multi-stage water treatment systems!

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