Tovila Water Solutions is a leading water solution consultancy firm specializing in the field of water treatment   research and engineering services with our primary aim to ensure that only quality water is available to all and sundry in Ghana on a sustainable basis for a healthy living to increase productivity for accelerated development.

Considering our growing strategy partnership with some of the leading water industry. We have the capacity to provide sustainable water solutions in cost effective services whiles producing certified water treatment professionals through a practical water treatment program across the country in collaboration with our partners from United State of America.


Our optimum mission is to be effective in providing quality drinking water for all valid purposes, while maintaining the commitment to innovative technology, quality, cost effectiveness and a complete water solution for all.


Once you fill our RMW supply form which tells us exactly what your drinking needs are and sign an agreement that informs and binds both parties on responsibilities, you will receive your first supply and all the rest will be good health and convenience.


  • We don’t expose the water to direct sunlight
  • Our Hot & Cold water dispensers are 220-240v/ 50-60Hz with 610W power rate. It is installed standing and has two (2) tap A heating power of 500W and cooling power of 110W. Climate class T and rated cooling current of 0.8A
  • We are the  only  private  company  in  Ghana  that  offers  practical  water treatment training, so we know much about quality drinking water
  • The Technical Director of Tovila Water Solutions is the founder and president of the Association of Water Treatment Professionals in Ghana
  • We service and maintain the water dispensers so that the water that runs through it is not contaminated
  • We care about our customers and their health
  • We have been in the business since 2002 and understand the dynamics of it
  • Postpaid Service – We supply with invoices and receive payment at the end of each month.
  • Our refillable water dispensers bottles are crack resistance.
  • We are offer free dispensers and only sell our fresh drinking water.
  • We deliver on time – we don’t wait for customers to call, we have a uniqueClean Bottles.
  •  We believe that the bottle tells consumers how safe the water system of supply and straight to your doorstep dispenser bottles to our customers up to 20liters is, so we make sure the bottles are clean at all times.

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