Tovila Water Solutions Technical Support Service Team offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers. Our team consists of diversified group of experienced Engineers, technicians, biologists and chemists.

Customer support finds its true meaning in a continuous process, from the design phase to start-up through operational follow-up to regular maintenance of your water systems.

We have provided various technical support services for high-tech water treatment systems, water sourcing (borehole & dam) systems, water storage solutions and water distribution systems since 2002 and each of our engineers are professionally trained with many years of experience.

Our knowledge in the technical support services for reverse osmosis water purification systems makes us stand out in competition with many other water treatment technical support companies in Ghana.

On-Site Consulting

Occasionally, an on-site consulting visit by a Tovila consultant is required to thoroughly understand and fix one or more problems.  Tovila Water solutions have performed over 200 on-site consulting jobs on high-tech water treatment systems since 2002.

An example of an on-site service

We have performed many on- site services in many industries, like the food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, mining etc. An example was five 20 footer containerized water filtration units at Anglogold Ashanti, Iduaprim in Tarkwa that needed to be refurbished because they had broken down completely. The contract was originally awarded to a South African company who contracted Tovila to undertake the project. After assessments, most of the units would not operate at all, the ones that operated, produced low quality water that could not be used. The results of Tovila water solutions services revived the 5 containerized water filtration units back to its peak performance.

E-consulting is mostly required for consulting jobs, but on-site consulting may be required in the following situations:

  • Client requires an on-site evaluation
  • Client wants an on-site evaluation to coincide with a meeting with plant personnel, managers and/or owners to discuss the problem(s)
  • Required data is not available to electronically send to Tovila Water Solutions
  • Operating data doesn’t make sense
  • Others
  • A lot of consulting can be done more cost effectively over the telephone or on a computer-based conference call where computer screens can be shared.  In today’s world of being able to quickly and easily share documents, photographs, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P & IDs) and more, most consulting can be done without an on-site visit.Tovila has provided e-consulting services that were one-hour long to weekly 30-minute calls to monitor, evaluate, recommend and train plant personnel that lasted several months. Some examples of where we have provided and can provide e-consulting:
    • Answer questions and provide recommendations concerning one or more problems
    • Assist in chemical cleaning
    • Provide recommendations for biofouling control
    • Evaluate system performance
    • Create an online performance monitoring program
    • Train plant personnel in evaluating performance data
    • Evaluate system design and operation
    • Assist in writing or reviewing plant operating and monitoring procedures
    • Perform a cost-reduction evaluation
    • Many more

Most RO units purchased today are “off-the-shelf”, pre-engineered designs.  In certain applications and operation these work fine.  In other applications and operation, they don’t work well.

Tovila has a lot of experience in evaluating a system’s design and operation to reduce problems, like fouling and too-frequent chemical cleaning, and improve system performance and running times.

  1. Tovila Water Solutions RO Membrane Element Chemical Cleaning Evaluation provides a client with the best cleaner(s) and the best procedure to use to chemically clean a fouled and/or scaled reverse osmosis (RO) or nanofiltration (NF) unit.Tovila does not represent any manufacturer of equipment or chemicals, so the results of the cleaning evaluation are unbiased.We have performed cleaning evaluations for high-tech water treatment systems since 2008.


A Tovila cleaning evaluation includes:

  • Client sends Tovila two membrane elements from the same location, for example, two lead elements from the first stage.
  • Tovila performs a complete Membrane Element Autopsy on one element.
  • Tovila determines which generic and/or proprietary chemicals will remove the most foulant and/or scalant.  Typically, at least 2 dozen cleaners are tested.  A video clip is provided to client for any unique results found.
  • Our partners in the US have invented different pieces of equipment to visualize the cleaning in real time. Tovila tries different procedures to see what is required to remove the foulant and/or scalant.  One or more video clips are provided to client to document the results.

  • Tovila uses the recommended cleaner(s) and procedure to chemically clean the second element sent.
    • The element’s performance is documented prior to cleaning
    • The element is cleaned
    • The element’s performance is documented after the cleaning
    • If the element is not cleaned back to new or near-new performance, the element is opened and inspected to determine why
  • The Final Report provides a step-by-step, highly visual documentation of the findings, the procedure and the recommendations.

  1. The turn-around time is 4-5 weeks for a Standard Cleaning Evaluation.
  2. The turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for an Emergency Cleaning Evaluation.
  3. A telephone call or VOIP conference is scheduled to discuss the Final Report if desired by client.

Our final cleaning Procedure.

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